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Tactical Camping Keychain

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✓ 3 In 1 Tactical Keychain

✓ Premium & Sleek design

✓ Easy to use


BlazeKey® is a portable keychain that starts fires easily. It's windproof and has a built-in bottle opener. Just add lighter fluid, strike it, and get a flame anytime. Perfect for camping and outdoor adventures.

10,000 Matches

BlazeKey® has a capacity of up to 10,000 matches, making sure you'll never need to use a match stick.


Despite harsh conditions, BlazeKey® ignites in the wind and rain. Because of its sturdy design, it is resilient in any weather.

Leak-Proof Design

BlazeKey® ensures no accidents occur by keeping the fuel secure with its safety lock mechanism.

  • Safety Lock
  • Light weight Build
  • Perfect Gift
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The secret to stress-free camping

Built to last.

Built with strong metal parts for durability and utility in every situation, the BlazeKey® is a reliable survival tool.


BlazeKey® features a seamless bottle opener and pendant. Take it with you on all your trips for an effortless and convenient way to enjoy every outdoor experience.

Easy to use

BlazeKey® makes starting a fire easy. Strike it, and it lights. It's simple to use, giving you quick fire for camping or outdoors without fuss.

Try it 100% Risk-Free

We are so confident you'll love your BlazeKey® that we're backing it with an unbelievable 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, in the rare event it doesn't meet your expectations.

Frequently Asked questions


Is it safe to carry in my pocket?

Yes, its secure design prevents accidental ignition.

How do I refill the BlazeKey®?

The BlazeKey® is shipped without lighter fluid due to shipping regulations, however refilling it is simple. Simply use lighter fluid, available at most convenience stores. Unscrew the fuel chamber, pour in the fuel, and you're ready to go.

*We recommend you use zippo lighter fluid

How long will it last?

With a capacity for 10,000 ignition strikes, it's built to last for years.

How to use.

1. Scrape off the black wax on the surface of the flint strip for first time use.

2. Fill the BlazeKey® with lighter fluid

3. Holding the metal rod at a 45-degree angle with the flint, push and slide downward to ignite.

*Make sure the lighter is not overfilled with lighter fluid and that it isn't leaking out.

For further support, please contact us.